Thank you so much for showing an interest in supporting Hang-n-There projects through purchasing the goods that are available ( earrings, photos, Haitian student donation supplies, etc.) 

In light of my (Kim laFranchi's) trip to Haiti on October 17th thru November 1st, I currently only have the School Supplies I have already purchased posted for for those who would like to support my efforts to bring a large donation of student supplies with me (and hopefully while there I can establish a lon-term relationship with a school that HNT can provide year-round support to).

Once I return from my trip in early November I will begin to re-post the hand made earrings and other products I have for sale again.  So please keep HNT products in mind as the holiday gift-giving season approaches. And as always, the proceeds will go to support further donations to Haiti and the other target Hang-n-There project countries.

So please know that any purchase you make is a  "Purchase with a Purpose".


 Click here to Purchase with a Purpose